About Doc Hal

Harold Steinberg, DC, also known as 'Doc Hal', attended Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia and received his Certified Clinical Nutrition (CCN) designation from the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. He also holds a Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Nutrition (DACBN) and has certificates in homeopathy and homotoxicology. He is a trained bio-communications specialist using the Zyto system.


Practicied in Santa Fe, NM from 1994 through 2018, Dr. Steinberg has written and published articles about Nutrition and Stress Management, Darkfield Microscopy, Chinese Tongue and Fingernail Analysis, the importance of Good Digestion, Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia, and Nutrition & Schizophrenia. 


Dr. Steinberg has taught anatomy & physiology at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Santa Fe Community College and currently teaches nutritional classes at the St. Francis Chiropractic Health Center in Santa Fe, NM.

About this practice

St. Francis Chiropractic Health Center is dedicated to holistic healing. 


Chiropractic is the major healing profession dealing with the body’s structure. This is one part of the triangle of health, Chiropractic nutrition is another important step in the triangle of health. This deals with organ health, muscle and nerve performance and the brain/neurotransmitter performance. The third edge of the triangle is behavioral health. The nutritional and structural parts of the triangle feed the behavioral piece. As you scan through the topics on the menu, you will see many healing techniques and analytical methods. One technique that does not have its own menu is Tongue and Fingernail Analysis. This work was taught to me by Dr. Chi. With proper training, the health of a client can be determined in minutes by looking at fingernails, and the top and bottom sides of the tongue.


Some of the tools and techniques used in the clinic are a high powered microscope, bio-communications Zyto system, upper cervical adjusting equipment, and a Zenith hi-lo adjusting table. Additional tools in the practice include cold lasers, exercise equipment and an inversion table for spinal stretching and de-compression. 

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