The nutritional health of a client is captured in many ways:


1. Client input form

2. Analysis of fingernails and tongue

3. Bio-communications Zyto system

4. Discussion of eating habits

5. Blood type


Our normal starting point is the discussion of chewing, digestion and elimination.

Did you know that almost all of our neurotransmitters are created in our gut? Eighty-five percent are created in the gut and then transmitted to the brain. 

Why is this important?


Your brain controls/governs ALL human function. 


  • Thoughts

  • Moods

  • Memory

  • Emotions

  • Vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch – 

  • Perceptions

  • Pain

  • Posture and balance

  • Digestion

  • Breathing

  • Heart rate

  • And more…


Nutrition applies to many health issues we see in our patients:


PTSD, Alzheimers, Fibromyalgia, Failure to Thrive, Cancer, Auto-Immune issues, Neurologic imbalances, Thyroid and Adrenal issues, Chemical and Metal Toxicity, etc.

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