Try a New Approach: Bio-Communications as a Tool for Your Health Evaluation

For new patients, our input forms ask many health questions. As we review the input documents, some questions about the patient’s health may arise. The same may happen when an existing patient tells us that they are not feeling well. They are tired, can’t get out of bed, or are just feeling poorly. If a functional medicine approach is used in your office, what tests would you send the patient for? Or would you just refer out to their health care doctor?


My office incorporated bio-communications feedback as a functional medicine tool, to allow further study for patients who would like to know what could be wrong with them when the lab tests have shown nothing.  The bio-communications system sends micro-current 'questions' to the Limbic system of the brain.  An example used to explain the test is as follows: You go to a vitamin store with a specific concern. The clerk suggests a specific supplement or herb or homeopathic remedy for your condition. Since you know applied kinesiology, you test the product and find it is good for you. You buy the products and take it as recommended. Within days you are not feeling better, or in fact you may be feeling worse.  The product might have not been the best one for you. How do you know what product is good for your body and what product will help your condition?


If your body could tell you what it prefers, what would it say? More water?  A change in diet is needed?  A change in supplements is needed?  When it comes to optimum well-being, your body can tell you what it prefers, but how do you talk to your body to find out what that is?  The computer bio-feedback system can 'interrogate' your body with questions called virtual stressors and the computer system monitors your responses. The system will also evaluate the best supplement(s) that your body 'wants' to resolve specific conditions. Your body will prioritize what it needs and the system can use this knowledge to resolve a specific problem.


The cost of the hand cradle is $400.00. It will be mailed for your use on a Microsoft based computer. It will not work on a MAC system. Once you have the hand cradle, a software module will be downloaded to allow high speed internet connections between both of our systems. The benefit of a cradle purchase is unlimited usage for family, friends and yourself. If this is to be used once or twice, we have a rental program.  The cost of a rental is $75.00. A credit card deposit of $400.00 is required. The balance, after your session and supplement fees will be refunded when the cradle has been returned.


The cost of the first remote session is $125.00 and each subsequent session is $100.00. It will be charged to your credit card. Additional costs are the supplements that may be needed. 

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